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postpartum depression support for momsIt doesn’t matter whether you have postpartum depression or something else, what types of symptoms you have, or whether you are pregnant, have just given birth, are one year postpartum or two, have just adopted a baby or recently experienced a loss.  You want to hear from other moms who are just like you.

On this page we’ve gathered the stories you may be looking for, organized in groups so that you can find symptoms, struggles or feelings that are similar to yours.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep scrolling. It’s worth it, and I bet you’ll find what you need. But if you still can’t, email Katherine at If you’d like other ways to connect with me and other moms with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, check out 5 Ways to Connect with the Postpartum Depression Moms Community.


Depression during Pregnancy (Antenatal Depression)

* It’s Okay to Not Be Okay During Pregnancy

On How It Feels to Be Depressed During Pregnancy

* The Black Hole of Antenatal Depression

* On Being Depressed & Pregnant

* Robbed of the Joy of Pregnancy

* Pregnancy Depression Was Like Running A Marathon With A Broken Leg

* On What You Should Know About Antenatal Depression

* Six Things You Should Know About Antidepressants and Pregnancy


Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD

* Two Studies Find Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD Much More Common Than Expected

The Endless What-Ifs of Postpartum Anxiety

* Getting Postpartum Anxiety To Back Off

* Does Having Scary Thoughts Mean You’ll Act on Them?

* On What She Wishes Someone Had Told Her About Postpartum Anxiety

* A Toolkit for Postpartum Anxiety & Panic Symptoms

* A Therapist Shares Her Personal Experience with Postpartum OCD

* Postpartum Anxiety & Intrusive Thoughts: One Mom’s Story

* Horror Movies In Her Head


Postpartum Depression

* The Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety (in Plain Mama English)

* The Difference Between Postpartum Depression & Normal New Mom Stress

* How Many Women Get Postpartum Depression? The Statistics

* Do You Need to Have A Reason to Have PPD?

* The Six Stages of Postpartum Depression

* 20 Things I Never Want to Hear or Read Again, PPD Edition

* Coping With PPD: Do You Cry In the Shower or Hide in the Bed? 

* Six Things That Affect How Long Your PPD Will Last

* The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

* Profoundly Alone: The Disconnection of Postpartum Depression


Postpartum PTSD and Childbirth Trauma

* Postpartum PTSD & the Concept of Mental Defeat

* Mom Recounts How Her Childbirth Trauma Led to Postpartum PTSD

* Two Online Communities for Birth Trauma

* Postpartum PTSD Risk Factors and Symptoms

* Postpartum PTSD: Still Fighting To Heal From Her Traumatic Delivery

* Postpartum PTSD is As Common As Postpartum Depression


Postpartum Psychosis

* The Symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis (in Plain Mama English)

* Naked on the Side of the Road: One Mom’s Story of Postpartum Psychosis

* Postpartum Psychosis Higher in First-Time Mothers

* The Devil Was After My Child: A Story of Postpartum Psychosis

* Using Postpartum Psychosis for Shock Value Hurts Moms

* What Goes On in the Mind During Postpartum Psychosis?

* Postpartum Psychosis Doesn’t Equal Failing As A Mom

* Psychosis During Pregnancy

* Postpartum Psychosis: A Dream Becomes A Nightmare


Depression After Miscarriage, Stillbirth or other Perinatal Loss

* What is the Difference Between Grief & Depression After Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss?

* 3 Ways to Support Women Who’ve Experienced Pregnancy Loss

* Postpartum Depression After Miscarriage or Stillbirth

* Having A Baby After Infant Loss: The Complicated Mix of Grief and Joy

* The Blurred Lines Between Depression & Grief After A Loss

* How To Cope With & Treat Perinatal Loss and Grief


Warrior Moms of Color

* Being Black with Postpartum Depression: Too Blessed to Be Stressed

* A Culture of Emotional Restraint: Asian-American Mom Shares Her Perspective on PPD

* Black With Postpartum Depression: My Therapist Had Never Treated A Black Woman

* Black and Married With Kids Features Story on Postpartum Depression

* Recovering from PPD in the Face of Life Challenges

* When Everything is Unexpected: From Natural Birth Plan to C-section

* My Journey through Infertility and PPD


Mothers of Multiples

Mothers of Multiples Have Twice the Risk of PPD

* Mom of Twins Besieged By Postpartum Intrusive Thoughts

Mom of Twins Gets No Help From Her OB for Postpartum Depression

* 3 Part Series on PPD by Mom of Triplets — 1, 2, 3


Post Adoption Depression

Post-Adoption Depression: Adoptive Mothers Need Not Suffer in Silence

Post-Adoption Depression: On What Stopped This Mom From Leaving Her Baby At Target

On Getting Through Post-Adoption Depression


Depression After Weaning from Breastfeeding

An Unexpected Weaning Leads to Depression

Developing Depression After Weaning From Breastfeeding


Dysphoric Milk-Ejection Reflex (D-Mer), or Depression Only During Breastfeeding

For Moms Who Feel Bad Before Breastfeeding, This May Be Why

Bad Feelings During Breastfeeding 




Feeling Overwhelmed

* The Overwhelming Feeling of Being A Mom With Postpartum Depression


Anger, Rage, Irritability

* The Rage of Postpartum Depression

* Uncontrollable Anger Can Be Part of PPD

* What Postpartum Rage Looks Like



* Obsessed With Cleaning & Organizing: Coping With Postpartum Anxiety

* Trying to Kill the Pain of PPD By Overspending


Disconnection/Lack of Bonding

* When Bonding Isn’t Immediate: Feeling Like You Don’t Love Your Baby Enough

* Postpartum Depression & the Feeling of Feeling Nothing For Your Baby

* Love in the Time of Postpartum Depression


Intrusive Thoughts (scary, disturbing “what if” thoughts)

* A Primer on Intrusive Thoughts

* Postpartum Anxiety & Intrusive Thoughts: One Mom’s Story

* Does Having Scary Thoughts Mean You’ll Act on Them? 

* Hope for Moms with Postpartum OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

* Postpartum OCD and Intrusive Thoughts: When the Wheels Come Off


Insomnia and Sleep Problems

* On PPD & Insomnia

* Moms Need Sleep to Help Stave Off Depression

* Sleep Management, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Depression


Mania or Hypomania

* How Mania Feels

The Difference Between Hypomania & Mania

* The Enticing Euphoria of Hypomania 


Panic Attacks

* Postpartum Panic Attacks Give Way To Postpartum Joy

* Postpartum Panic Attacks: One Mom’s Experience of Full-Scale Fear

* A Toolkit for Postpartum Anxiety & Panic Symptoms



* Postpartum Depression & the Pain of Perfectionism

* How Perfectionism Can Be a Sign of Postpartum Depression


Physical Symptoms (headaches, stomach aches, back pain, etc.)

* The Physical Symptoms of Postpartum Depression



* When PPD Beliefs Become Truths: On Self-Doubt

* The Unrelenting Self-Doubt & Second-Guessing of Postpartum Depression

* Postpartum Depression Is A Thief & A Liar


Suicidal Thinking

* An Explanation of Suicidal Thinking (in Plain Mama English)




* Women with Diabetes Twice As Likely to Suffer from PPD

Infertility Treatments

* Postpartum Depression After Infertility


Difficult Pregnancy or Childbirth Trauma

* Emergency C-Sections & Pre-eclampsia Increase Risk for PPD

* Pregnant Women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum at Risk for PPD


Childhood Trauma 

* Helpless & Small In the Dark: Childhood Trauma & PPD

* How Your Own Mother & Childhood Can Impact Postpartum Depression

* Childhood Trauma & Finding Elusive Mother Love


Eating Disorders

* Study Finds History of Eating Disorders A Risk Factor for PPD


Family History of Mental Illness

* On Family History and Postpartum Depression


Miscarriage or Perinatal Loss

* Previous Perinatal Loss Is Predictor of Postpartum Depression



Past Physical or Sexual Abuse

* Resources for New Moms Who’ve Suffered Past Sexual Abuse

* Abused Latinas Have Higher Risk of Postpartum Depression

Thyroid Problems

* Is Your Thyroid Making You Depressed?

* Thyroid Problems in Women & Postpartum Depression



Asking for Help

* What To Do When You’re Too Afraid To Ask For Help

5 Reasons Why Asking for Help Sucks

* Why You Must Get Professional Treatment for Postpartum Depression


Alternative Treatments

* Study Shows Acupuncture Works to Relieve Depression During Pregnancy

* The Best Complementary & Alternative Treatments for Postpartum Depression

* Hypnosis For Postpartum Depression?


Finding A Doctor or Therapist

* Postpartum Depression Treatment Programs & Specialists

Told It’s a 5-Month Wait to See A Psychiatrist? Tips on What To Do Next

* Need Help Finding A PPD Specialist? 

* Tips on Low and No-Cost Treatment for PPD & Anxiety 


Inpatient Hospitalization

Opening Up About Hospitalization for Postpartum Depression

Tips on Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Straight Talk About Hospitalization and Postpartum Depression



* No Judgment Allowed: What Saves One Mom May Not Save Another

* Postpartum Depression & The Stigma of Happy Pills

* Your Questions Answered About Being on Medication for Postpartum Depression

* Postpartum Depression With A Side Order of Side Effects

* Practical Advice on Antidepressants & Weight Gain



* 10 Things To Know About Psychotherapy Treatment

* 8 Types of Psychotherapy Treatment

What To Do When Your Therapist Isn’t Working For You

* 5 Common Concerns About Therapy for Postpartum Depression

* Is Therapy A Crutch? (video)

* How Does Psychotherapy for Postpartum Depression Work, Anyway?





* Sleep Management, Breastfeeding & Postpartum Depression

Tips for Getting More Sleep and Protecting Your Milk Supply During PPD

Toughing It Out With PPD to Breastfeed: An Expert Weighs In

* Letting Go of the Guilt of Not Breastfeeding

* From Boob to Bottle: The Unnecessary Shame of Quitting Breastfeeding

* Which Psychiatric Medications Are Safe During Breastfeeding? 



* How to Get Help if You Have PPD & No Insurance 



* Islam & Postpartum Depression

* Postpartum Depression Resources for Different Religious Faiths

* How Spirituality Can Impact Recovery from Postpartum Depression 

* Mormon Mom On How Faith Helped Her Through PPD



Going Back to Work

* How to Handle Going Back to Work with PPD


Have I Wrecked My Child’s Life?: Parenting After PPD

Tips on Parenting Well While Suffering A Mental Illness

What Have I Wrought? Postpartum Depression’s Impact On Our Children

* Parenting with A Mental Illness 

* Getting Rid of the Guilt After Postpartum Depression

* 8 Ways To Be A Good Mother Instead of A Perfect One


Having Another Baby After PPD

* Having A Child After PPD (Video)

* This Valentine’s For You (What I Want You To Know About Having Another Baby)

* To Have or Have Not: Should You Stop Having Children After You’ve Had PPD?

* How To Prepare For the Next Baby

* Pregnant After Postpartum? There Is Hope


Relationship/Marriage Issues

* Keeping Your Relationship On Track During Postpartum Depression

* How PPD Affects Your Marriage or Partnership

* Postpartum Depression’s Impact on Marriages & Divorce 

* When Dads & Partners Don’t Seem To Get It

* Postpartum Depression and Relationships: Treating the Whole Family

* When Relationships Worsen After Mothers Recover from Postpartum Depression

* Will Your Partner Ever Understand Postpartum Depression?



* How Recovering from PPD Is Like Playing Chutes & Ladders

* Relapsing on the Road to Recovery from Postpartum Depression

* Postpartum Depression: The Fight Isn’t Always Pretty

* Asking for Help When There’s A Bump In Your Road



* Finding Balance Between Body, Mind & Social Network During Post partum Depression

* Why Mindfulness Should Matter to Moms With Post partum Depression

* The Ands & Buts of Post partum Depression


This page is a work in progress, so if you feel like there is a section missing or something that really needs to be addressed here, let us know at  We want to make sure you feel represented here!!!

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  1. I could not find any articles that address the effects of domestic violence (no matter how mild) on develping post partum depression. Statistcly women are more likely to be abused by thier partner while pregnant and during the baby’s first year. And women in abusive relationships are at risk for post partum disorders. Plesse let me know if you have any articles on this subject. My ppd and treatment for it brought the hidden abuse in my reladhionship with my husband to the forefront. This was a true blessing to the health of my family. Information on this sensitive subject may help other women who are experiencing abuse in their relstionship.