How Spirituality Can Impact Recovery from Postpartum Depression

I noticed a flurry ofblogpostson religion and depression in the last couple of weeks, and decided I'd share them all with you in a single post, as I know for many of you spirituality is an important part of your recovery.

Last week, Lauren Hale at Sharing the Journey hosted a discussion about religion and spirituality and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. If you scroll down and read the comments, you'll see a brief but very nice discussion of this topic from some of Lauren's readers, including one woman who is an atheist and who blogs about her PPD experience. I LOVE to see these diverse viewpoints discussed so openly and positively.

In this post, Therese Borchard at Beyond Blue features an interview from NAMI FaithNet with Jay Mahler, founder of the California Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative, and Reverend Laura Mancuso, director of the aforementioned Initiative. In the interview they discuss why spirituality can be important for mental health.

Amber, over at Beyond Postpartum, writes about a new book called The Postpartum Survival Guide that she says addresses PPD from the Christian perspective. (Note: I haven't read it yet, so this reference doesn't constitute an endorsement.)

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