Tips On Inpatient Psychiatric Care: Hospitalization for Postpartum Depression

For anyone with postpartum depression or psychosis whoneeds inpatient psychiatric care, Psych Central has just published the helpful"Inpatient Psychiatric Questions & Tips". This is great, because I know when I was hospitalized briefly I had no idea what to expect or how to plan for it.

One helpful tidbit: Find out what criteria you need to meet to be released.

I know being hospitalized is a very scary concept, but for some women it's what is needed to get through the immediate crisis. To read more stories about hospitalization for postpartum depression, click the link.

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  1. Great tips. One I would add for new moms, who are breastfeeding: How will pumping be handled?
    I think the perinatal community should create an addendum, in fact…as I think about it, there are a lot of things we should add/modify…
    Anyone up for it?