Announcing the 2009 top 10 writers on postpartum depression and anxiety. (Okay, there are actually 12 because I just couldn’t squeeze it into ten.) There were MANY amazing pieces written this year by very courageous women and men, and I’d love to list them all here. But I’ve chosen a representative 10 (or so).

I chose these brave moms based on beautiful writing, compelling stories, creative metaphors, and/or the way they described various aspects of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  Congratulations to all of you!!

1.Suburban Turmoil: “My Deepest, Darkest Secret, Postpartum Edition

2.Laughing Through the Chaos: “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow This House Down

3. Sophie in the Moonlight: “Eleanor Rigby’s Jar

4. Psych Central: “Postpartum Depression, Real But Still Stigmatized

5. Moosh in Indy: “On Being Your Mom with Depression

6. Alphamom’s Bounce Back with Amalah: “The Many Faces of Postpartum Depression

7. Sharing the Journey’s Reflections on San Antonio and Thoughts on Exploring a Pregnant Pause

8. Her Bad Mother: “Shame & the Mom: A Boob Story”

9. Surprisingly Sane: “One Year Ago”

10. His Boys Can Swim: “Psychiatrist Appointment For Postpartum Depression = A Wasted Day

11. The Worsted Witch: “Hello Again”

12. Confessions of a First Time Mom: “Postpartum Depression. Speak Up.”

What were your favorites this year? And them to the comments section, with links!

Photo credit: © Sean Gladwell – Fotolia