Where Are All the Women with PPD? Right Here.

The next time one of you tells me you feel like no one else has PPD but you, I’m going to point you toward this posting and remind you that women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are EVERYWHERE. They’re just not wearing a big sign around their necks to make it obvious. But trust me, they’re all around you. You are definitely NOT alone. Just look at all the Warrior Moms writing about their experiences with postpartum depression and related illnesses in the last few days …

The mom at Rosy Colored Glasses has a beautifully written 2-part piece on her experience with PPD. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2. If you’ve had a baby with food allergies, or been frustrated with breastfeeding, or moved houses, or been surprised at the irritability and anger that can come with PPD, or spent 12 hours a day with a belt sander (ok, maybe not that), then you may see yourself in her story …

Najma at A Bug’s Life writes about her experience with PPD, including being away from her family in Pakistan, infertility, an emergency C-section, a baby with sleep problems, and negative body image …

Melanie at Soggy Granola Mom talks about Jenny’s Light

Hattie at Mommy Musings is reminded of her PPD experience through conversations with others

The Trial of Labor blog has a post about PPD and PTSD after pregnancy loss

The mom at C Shell begins to write her PPD story, including a 16-day hospital stay

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  1. Thanks for the pingback and for bringing awareness to this very important issue. Have you by chance read Linda Layne's "Motherhood Lost." Even though it's about pregnancy loss, I think it'd be up your alley.