postpartum depressionThe website Black and Married with Kids has a follow up post to the one I mentioned last week on postpartum depression: It’s Okay To Admit You Need Help. 

The newest article, also written by Christine St. Vil, is an interview with Dr. Joshua Johanssen.  I really like Dr. Johanssen’s way of explaining the different things to can contribute to putting a mom at risk for postpartum depression:

  1. If someone has a biological trigger, they can almost see it coming. They’ve had problems with depression throughout their lives so it’s something they’ve battled with. It’s important to know that they are highly susceptible to having PPD; not only because of the physical and mental demands, but also due to changes in the hormones.
  2. There are some people who are just susceptible but have never really had problems with mental health. But they have been overwhelmed and dealing with stress; so that added to the hormonal triggers, will push people into postpartum depression.
  3. Then, there are a lot of women who don’t have the proper source of support in place. They are having relationship issues, spousal issues or they don’t have a spouse there to help. Or, they have someone at home who is either abusive or just not helpful at all. They could also be socially isolated for one reason or another.

Go read the full article here.