postpartum depression top tenIt was quite a year at Postpartum Progress. We had more than 1 million pageviews in 2012, most of which came from moms seeking help for postpartum depression. Not bad for the little blog that could!!

The top ten most popular stories about postpartum depression and related illnesses on Postpartum Progress last year were:

1. Six Surprising Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety, by Katherine Stone

2. What’s The Difference Between Postpartum Depression & Normal New Mom Stress?, by Kate Kripke

3. Overwhelmed by Motherhood: The Anatomy of an Anxiety Attack, by Katherine Stone

4. Developing Depression After Weaning from Breastfeeding, by Katherine Stone

5. 7 Postpartum Depression Survivors Share Their Stories of Having More Children, by Amber Koter-Puline

6. 8 Ways to Be A Good Mother Instead of A Perfect One, by Kate Kripke

7. Why Moms with Postpartum Anxiety or PTSD Are Often Missed, by Warrior Mom Alyssa R.

8. To The Postpartum Depression Moms Suffering in Silence, by Kate Kripke

9. Getting Postpartum Anxiety to Back Off, by Kate Kripke

10. Antidepressants Vs. the Placebo Effect: Whether SSRIs Really Work, by Katherine Stone

If you missed any of the top ten postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety stories of 2012, be sure to check them out.

One other fun tidbit –> Most of our visitors in 2012 came from the following countries, in order of traffic numbers: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Phillipines, Ireland, New Zealand and Germany.

Thank you so much for continuing to share our content with those who need it — without you we’d never be able to reach so many. Let’s try and reach even more mamas in 2013!