I know that some of you are really suffering at this very moment. You are in the midst of the darkest depths. And sometimes it is very hard for you to read the stories on this blog. While I try to be respectful of that, I also don't want to blow smoke up your arses by leaving out honest stories. This means I have to tread a careful line. Sometimes I may edit out more than I should while other times I share everything because I think the information is important and I prefer to be honest.

I have heard from a couple of you that reading something on Postpartum Progress upset you. It was just too descriptive and either worsened your intrusive thoughts or made you more anxious or made you worried that something in one of the mothers' storiesbeing shared will happen to you.

So I've created the Postpartum Progress Emergency Stop button. I will try to place thisbutton on posts that may upset those of you that are particularly fragile. If you see the button, you will know that this particular blog post may be too tough for you to read. You can simply move on to something else. There are plenty of other things on this blog to be reading. And if you're not feeling fragile, then you're good to go and can just keep on reading. Here's what it will look like in action.

Thanks to the moms who've reached out to me to share their concerns. Your voices have been heard. You are very important to me.

Oh, and if you know of an older post on Postpartum Progress that you think should have an Emergency Stop button on it, send me the link and I'll add it. Or you see a post where I've failed to add the button and you think it should be there, email me: stonecallis@gmail.com