postpartum depression researchI’ve said it more than once in speeches and been told I was wrong by an expert or two. There’s no data, they said. Yet it only makes sense to me that those of us who are highly sensitive to hormonal changes would be more likely to experience mood problems all across our lifespan. And it’s not just me. I have heard this from the thousands of women I have spoken to throughout the 8+ years I’ve been doing this blog. Sure, a history of PMS wouldn’t be the only risk factor for PPD, but certainly it is one, right?

Mood problems with PMS? Check.

Postpartum depression? Check.

Mood seriously affected prior to periods during perimenopause? Double freaking check.

More than one person has told me no. Now a study from the University of Iowa published in the Archives of Women’s Mental Health finds that there is an association between premenstrual symptoms and a risk for postpartum depression.

Yes. We could have told you that. And now there’s some data. It will be interesting to see whether more studies come out finding the same.