The jury is still out, in my own little opinion, on the effectiveness of "teletherapy" vs. face-to-face therapy. Can someone get as much recovery out of a therapeutic relationship with someone over the phone or via computer as they can with someone right there in front of them? I just don't know. There's research saying it works, but I'm always reticent about things I don't know a whole lot about. Still,what I do know is that some people just don't have access topsychiatric care where they live, so if teletherapy can get them help they can't get otherwise, it's an interesting proposition.

I just happened upon a company called Breakthrough. I don't know them personally and haven't used their services, so I'm not endorsing them at all. But I think they offer an interesting service. (I would like to see moremedical professionalslisted on their team page. Seems overly weighted on the technical side.)

With Breakthrough, you can find a counselor and talk to them through phone, secure video, email or chat. If you'd like to learn more, here's their overview and here are answers to their most frequently asked questions.