Study on Women's Attitudes About PPD Meds

A small study in England published in the journal Family Practice finds that women with postnatal (aka postpartum) depression have negative views toward antidepressants. Only over the course of the illness, through time and contact with others including health professionals did their views change. The study concluded that doctors should assess women’s concerns about meds prior to prescribing them and should provide regular follow-up for women on medication.

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  1. Passing this on via twitter. Speaking of, are you on twitter? You should be. Great way to meet more people and pass on important info like this. I'm at

  2. My OB didn't say anything but "here's a prescription, come back in 2 months to see me". I remember telling my husband "keep an eye on me and if I seem suicidal or not myself, tell me!" I was so afraid of becoming not "me" and of getting worse. I was clueless to the truth. Once I finally started I realized they helped me actually get BACK to being the real "me"…