postpartum depressionI’m dancing for joy this morning because of this story in the Los Angeles Times: Bringing New Mothers’ Pain Out of the Shadows.

One reason is because it highlights the amazing and fabulous Kimberly Wong, a Warrior Mom, a friend, and an amazing advocate for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She founded the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force.

The other reason is because the story explains what so many of us already know, that much of the healthcare community is inadequately trained to recognize postpartum depression, even in Los Angeles. To wit:

“Her doctor told her she was simply a high-strung lawyer who needed to relax. So she blamed herself, which made matters worse.”

And there’s more:

“She penned a suicide note. By luck, her husband walked in on her. He took her to a Mid-City mental hospital so she wouldn’t harm herself. Nobody at the hospital had much expertise in what she was battling.”

Thank you, Kurt Streeter of the LA Times, for this fantastic story and for bringing more awareness of postpartum depression to the public.