postpartum depression mythsI was looking for something in my library of postpartum depression books and came upon an interesting excerpt from Karen Kleiman’s book “The Postpartum Husband.” She lists beliefs some husband’s may have about their wives’ postpartum depression that are false. Does (did) your husband or partner have any of these?

These beliefs about postpartum depression are NOT TRUE:

  • Women who are depressed cannot function.
  • Women who are clinically depressed should always be in a hospital.
  • Women who have postpartum depression want to hurt their babies.
  • If my wife were really depressed, she would never be able to go to work and/or do as well as she’s doing.
  • If my wife were strong, she would be able to get through this without professional help.
  • If she takes medication for depression, she must be severely ill.
  • If she is depressed, she might really go crazy.
  • Depression is all in her head.
Even though he was really trying hard to understand and help, I imagine my husband may have had at least a couple of these thoughts running around in his head.
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