On Getting Through Post Adoption Depression

Mom Rebecca Hawkes, who blogs at Love Is Not A Pie, has done a 2-part series on her experience with post adoption depression.  First, she shares her story, and second, she shares the five things that got her through that experience. As many of you know, mothers who adopt children can get postpartum depression as well, and their experiences are very similar:

“It brought me to what was perhaps my darkest moment, a moment in which I understood every mother who has done the unthinkable, abandoning through one means or another her sacred role as loving protector and caregiver. I didn’t want to be a mom anymore. I couldn’t find love and affection in my heart. I only felt fear and a desperate grasping for survival. I wanted to run away, to save myself — and yet at the same time that very idea was abhorrent to me. So there I stayed, in bed; my adrenaline was pulsing and yet I couldn’t move.”

Her words so compellingly describe what it feels like for any mom who goes through a significant depression, including post adoption depression, which is in fact a real illness.  I wanted to make sure those of you who may be experiencing this were able to read them.

The Day I Couldn’t Get Out of Bed: Post Adoption Depression

Five Things I Did To Get Through Post Adoption Depression

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this 2 part series. We are trying to adopt and are starting the foster to adopt option as well. I still have a fear that my PPD will loom up again. Her advice was excellent! Thanks.

  2. THANK YOU for writing on this neglected topic! I had post adoption depression/anxiety and it got really, really bad. I knew that postpartum depression doesn’t get enough focus or resources, but post adoption? Most people don’t even know it exists. I have a friend who had it, too, and I know it can be pretty devastating. It nearly destroyed me. I don’t say that lightly.

    Thank you, Katherine, for your awesomeness, your focus on inclusion in the world of PPD and PMADs, and the work you do.

    Thank you Rebecca for having the courage to share your story. I will definitely be linking this post. =)