On Breastfeeding, Stigma, PPD Heroes & the Real Housewives

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I was on vacation last week, so I missed being able to share the latest news and info with you. Better late than never, here are a few of them …

Mammywoo on the radio silence of postpartum depression. Great post!

Babble covers dysphoric milk ejection reflex, or D-MER — when you experience depression right before or during breastfeeding only. This is a very well-written and researched piece by Heather Turgeon.

Here's a picture of me with Maria Aleman, Andrea Festa, and Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile of the TV show Real Housewives of New Jersey at the fundraiser last week for Postpartum Progress the nonprofit. I had a great time seeing all the women there and am so grateful to Andrea and Maria and all the women who attended for supporting our work. I can't thank them enough!!

Speaking of Real Housewives, cast member Peggy Tanous of the Real Housewives of OC revealed her experience with postpartum depression recently. Here is a good review of the story as covered by Cafe Mom's The Stir, including the fact that Peggy is against taking prescription meds for PPD.

A study from the Journal of Nervous Mental Diseasewas released on the differences between black women and white women's feeling about the stigma of depressionduring pregnancy.

Diane Sanford of Living Self-Care wrote a lovely piece on her heroes in the PPD fight, in which I'm very honored to be included. She wants to know who your heroes are, so hop on over there and tell her.

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