At Postpartum Progress, we want to make sure we represent many voices and many different stories on this site, so that any mom (or dad or healthcare provider) who comes here will find the information she is seeking.

One of the ways we do that is by accepting guest posts. Often, I seek potential guest writers on our Facebook page. There is where I usually announce upcoming series or writers on topics that I’d like to publish in the near future. SO … if you haven’t joined our Facebook Fan page you should. Today! That way you can keep up on what we’re looking for, and submit a story.  We can’t use every story we receive, but we do try to use as many as possible. To join the Postpartum Progress Facebook Fan Page, just click on the link and click “Like” and then you’re in!

Some series we’re still working on:

Warrior Moms of Color — If you’re an Asian-American, African-American or Hispanic-American mom, we’d love to get your perspective on going through antenatal or postpartum depression or anxiety in your culture. How is it the same? How is it different? Submit your story to us at postpartumprogress [at] gmail [dot] com.

Letter to Your Obstetrician/Pediatrician/Primary Care Physician — If you received poor treatment at the hands of your doctor when you reached out for help, you can write an open letter about what happened to you and what you’d like to see done in the future for other moms who need help. We won’t publish the name of your doctor, but we will include the details of your experience so that the healthcare community at large can see how much further we need to go when it comes to identifying, supporting and treatment women with postpartum depression and related illnesses. You can send your letter to us at postpartumprogress [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you have an idea for a series, give us a shout at postpartum progress [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll definitely consider it.

Other ways to join the conversation:

Follow us on Twitter at @postpartumprogr. If you’re not on Twitter, join! It’s fun. It’s like an ongoing conversation all day with the people you follow. (As of last year, Twitter had 300 million users.) Also, once you’re on Twitter you can join in on the PPD Chats held twice every Monday and chat live with other Warrior Moms. For information on how to do that, click here.

Comment! We love your comments. We love hearing from you, whether you agree or disagree with a post, or have further questions. We like knowing that you are there and hearing what you have to say about the topics we cover.

We love you. All of you. Postpartum Progress exists because of you, and it succeeds because of you. Your support, your readership, your stories and your dedication to making sure other women receive better treatment and don’t feel alone. So thank you!!