Aimee ZieglerI’m trying to get ready for our annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health this Sunday. Frankly, I’m woefully behind. I got a little sidetracked yesterday writing a story for Babble about why most mothers support other mothers’ choices. They were words that needed to be written, given TIME magazine’s latest ploy to make us question whether we are good enough mothers. We are all MOM ENOUGH.

Then, this morning, someone forwards me a link on Twitter from writer Aaron Polson.  Aaron lost his wife and mother of his three children, Aimee Zeigler, on April 2nd to postpartum psychosis.  I read the words of his loss and I’m crushed into a million pieces. I know, and you know, how devastating these illnesses can be. We know how few people are aware of the symptoms of postpartum psychosis, or that it even exists. We know how little the medical community is prepared, sometimes, to help moms with severe postnatal illness or recognize what a danger the illness can be.

I don’t know Aaron, but I’m so proud of him for writing the truth of his wife’s life. What happened to her.  This is why I do what I do. This is why we are all speaking so loudly and writing so many words and trying so hard to make sure everyone can hear us. It’s for Aimee. And for all the other mothers and babies we have lost so tragically to postpartum psychosis.

Please go read Aaron’s story of postpartum psychosis and offer your support for him and his three children.

And by the way, if you ask me, THIS is the stuff TIME magazine ought to be writing about.