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postpartum depression informationLooking for answers about what postpartum depression is and why you have it and what to do about it? Wondering whether what you are experiencing is just normal new mom stress or something that needs treatment? Use the drop down menu in the navigation bar above to get lists of symptoms, a list of frequently asked questions and more.

We know you’re probably feeling very scared, confused, disappointed, sad or angry right now, or possibly even a combination of all of the above.

We’re here to help! Hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S., and even more all across the globe, get postpartum depression and related illnesses every year. You didn’t do anything to cause it and you haven’t done anything to deserve it. If you have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, OCD, PTSD, psychosis or antenatal depression or anxiety, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. It’s temporary and treatable with professional help. To learn more about the various ways our organization provides support to moms like you, click here.


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  1. im twelve months post partum as to date. at ten months post partum I started suffering from anxiety that anxiety that led me to a psyc hospital not knowing that I was hyperthyroid . that’s when the intrusive thoughts had started and still at twelve months post partum and being treated for the over active thyroid I am still having the thoughts it scares me because I am not use to having such thoughts im not a violent person I coudnt see myself hurting anyone can someone tell me if they been threw this .

    • I’m sorry CB13. It might be possible that you have a postpartum mental disorder along with over-active thyroid. It’s important that you treat both conditions. Can you talk with your doctor about your ongoing symptoms? You may also want to consider seeing a psychiatrist that has more expertise in helping women with PPD and related illnesses. I hope you can find the help you need.