Warrior Moms of the Week 5/6/11

I'm getting ready for Mother's Day. Most of the posts are up and scheduled. Still waiting on a few people. Loading up the intro video in a few minutes. I really hope to see all of you here at some point on Mother's Day. In the meantime, here are some great posts on PPD from this week. If I missed a good one, let me know. It's been a BIZZZZZY week.

Yael from the blog Postpartum Depression to Joy on mantras for bad PPD days

Robin from the blog Farewell Stranger on the ratio of good days to bad days when recovering from postpartum depression

Amber from Beyond Postpartum does a nice round-up of a few Mother's Day things, including a video made by MotherWoman celebrating mothers

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  1. Cristi @ EllieAdorn says:

    Beautiful list of great moms and posts. I have one up that I think is lovely because I know Mothers Day isn't always a happy day for many women. "I Honor Mothers … And Not Just the Happy Ones."

  2. Whoops that didn't link up. Sorry for the double comment.