Today, I looked at my inbox and realized I hadn't done that Federated Media thing, and the BlogAds thing, and I needed to reply to comments for my syndicated piece on BlogHer and also to the comments over at my ParentDish column, and I went to write my PD column that's due tomorrow but realized what I was writing wasn't gonna work, and several people have emailed me their Warrior Mom stories that I haven't had a chance to read, plus I owe the people in NJ info on my speech for next week except I haven't really written it yet, and I haven't uploaded Kate's post yet and I still haven't written that story about Sylvia Lasalandra's new book, and I still have to review the nominees for the Dosie Awards since I'm a judge, but I also have to follow up with that lady who hasn't responded to me about the Warrior Mom charms and that other person who hasn't responded about that other project, and oh crap I've got to write some more Daily Hopes because otherwise I'll get behind, and next week I have that speech here in Atlanta and the poor people at MHA are still waiting on me for info for that, and I need to schedule a conference call with the lady who is interested in that research on social media and health, and what about those provider tools I was working on, and please God don't let me forget the March of Dimes chat, and that's just some of the first page of emails on Gmail that I haven't dealt with, and don't even get me started on what a crappy job of fundraising I've done so far for Postpartum Progress the nonprofit, and there are about 45 yellow sticky notes on my desk where I've written down things I need to do except when am I gonna do those … and how the hell am I supposed to get any of this done when it's summer and my kids are home and … AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you know what I've been doing? Sitting here looking at your emails. So many of you have been so kind to take time to sit down and write to me about your experience here on Postpartum Progress and how this blog has helped you in some way. I save every single one (including yours Helen, Emily, Claire, Josey, Alena, Rebecca, Dorothy, Susan, Leslie, Megan, Alice, Ann, Melissa, Katie, Jill, Robin, Kristy, Elizabeth, Anna, Beth, Amy, Lauren, Michelle, Darlene, Stephanie, Raquel … and everyone else's … all of you.) Because on the days when I feel overwhelmed and like I'm COMPLETELY BLOWING IT IN A MAJOR WAY, like today, it's your words that keep me going and make me feel like every minute is worth it. So I just want to take a minute to stop everything and thank you — thankyouthankyouthankyou — from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and your thoughtful words about Postpartum Progress. I cherish your words.

Now, don't go and make me cry about it, because I have work to do.