Pregnancy Depression Was Like Running A Marathon With A Broken Leg

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pregnancy depression, antenatal depression, prenatal depressionToday’s Warrior Mom is Lindsay H.  She was and still is very frustrated that there’s so little information out there about pregnancy depression, also called antenatal depression or prenatal depression.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my world was turned upside down by pregnancy depression and anxiety. Somewhere between the not-so-pleasant thoughts of aborting my baby and the suffocating panic attacks I realized that this was not your average pregnancy. Something was definitely wrong, but wait, I was STILL PREGNANT. There was nothing postpartum about it. Everything I had read about depression or anxiety related to having babies talked about feelings after the birth, not during what was supposed to be a euphoric time of prenatal massages and glowing skin.

Pregnancy depression, also known as antenatal depression, is like trying to run a marathon with a broken leg. I felt like I had ruined my life by getting pregnant again and that I would never be the same. I just didn’t understand. I had always wanted a second child, but as soon as I saw that extra blue line, I panicked. Tears flowed like rivers and anxiety struck me like lightning. My hopes of feeling better dwindled every time I saw a new doctor who didn’t know what to do with me. I couldn’t find anyone who specialized in antenatal depression and was therefore lumped  in with everyone else, being prescribed antidepressants as if taking medication during pregnancy was supposed to help relieve my anxieties. Were they kidding?  [Read more…]

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Weighing The Risks of Treating Antenatal Depression

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There’s a new study out this week, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, on the effect of taking antidepressants during pregnancy that essentially offers the same result as other studies we’ve reported on here:

Women with untreated depression during pregnancy have a higher risk of having pre-term babies.

Women who take antidepressants during pregnancy for depression have a higher risk of having pre-term babies.

Here was the conclusion of the study as outlined in the abstract:

Untreated maternal depression was associated with slower rates of fetal body and head growth. Pregnant mothers treated with SSRIs had fewer depressive symptoms and their fetuses had no delay in body growth but had delayed head growth and were at increased risk for preterm birth. Further research on the implications of these findings is needed.

It seems this is still a chicken and egg problem — is it something underlying the genetics of depression that leads to pre-term delivery or the medication or both? What should women do? [Read more…]

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PPD Research Rodeo [July Edition]

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There is a plethora of new studies out on postpartum depression and related illnesses, so for those who are interested, I’ve lassoed a few for you:

Depression & Anxiety Among Postpartum & Adoptive Mothers, Archives of Women’s Mental Health

Decision Making For Depression Treatment During Pregnancy & the Postpartum Period, Depression & Anxiety

Autism Spectrum Disorders & SSRIs (a summation of the study that appeared in the Archives of General Psychiatry from the experts at the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health)

Breastfeeding Difficulties Increase Risk of Postpartum Depression (a summation of the study conducted by UNC from Medical News Today)

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Is Therapy for Postpartum Depression A Crutch?

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therapy for depression

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Is psychotherapy a crutch?

I say hell no!

Really. That’s what I said, at WEGO TV.  Check out the video: Is Psychotherapy A Crutch?


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