Looking for Support? Join PPDChat Mondays on Twitter

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Lauren Hale, author of the blogMy Postpartum Voice, came up with a very clever idea to host PPD chats on Mondays on Twitter. They are now held every Monday at 1pm and 8:30pm Eastern, and if you are on Twitter you can participate. Go here to learn how to join in, and I'll see you … or rather, tweet you there.

From me, aka@postpartumprogr on Twitter

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Six Women Share Their Stories of Anxiety, Guilt and Postpartum Depression (Oh, and Brooke Shields!)

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I was so busy with all the work for the Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health that I hadn't had a chance to catch you up on some of the other moms out there writing about maternal depression and anxiety. Here's a roundup (as if you don't already have enough to read with all those great rally posts!):

Julia Baird writes a piece in Newsweek about what it means to be a"bad mother" and wonders aloud whether mothers shouldn't just lower the bar a bit in their expectations of themselves and each other. Julia was the one who informed us that Queen Victoria had postpartum depression.

Allison at the blog O My Growing Family writes about reaching out for help after 9 months of suffering.

Amy at Wego Health shares her experience with postpartum depression and her belief that it is her responsibility to speak up.

Katie at the blog IThought I Loved You Then writes about the guiltthat comes fromhaving postpartum depression. (We all know where you're coming from Katie.)

The mom at the blog Mommynanibooboo writes aboutbeing able toforgetthe pain of postpartum depression.

Pam, who writes the blog 2 Much Testosterone, on NewParent.com shares her story of postpartum depression.

Thank you for your honesty and courage Warrior Moms.

Justwait! There's more …

Brooke Shields is speaking out about her crippling depression.

Susan Dowd Stone writes all about the press conference with Senator Menendez & Brooke Shieldscelebrating passage of the MOTHERS Act on the EmpowHERwebsite. The glamour quotient must have been through the roof with Brooke there. (Tried to download a pic of the actual event but can't get it to work. Boo. Sorry!) I'mreally glad to see she was there to support this exciting advancement for moms with PPD. I know she can generate media attention for this issuelike no one else.

The mom at the blog Charmingly Chandler is admitting that she has postpartum depression. Go give her a virtual Warrior Mom hug.

Amber at Beyond Postpartum writes about how anxiety has so many different faces.

And here's a little bit more on that guilt thing from Lauren, whose blog is now called My Postpartum Voice.

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Welcome to the 2010 Mother's Day Online Rally for Moms' Mental Health! (Video)

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Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so glad you've decided to visit Postpartum Progress and check out the Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health. Today you will be reading a wide variety of letters from an amazing group of women. I hope you will find something inspiring or helpful in each and every one of them. (And if this is your first visit, and you'd like more general information about postpartum depression and related illnesses and how to get help for them, click here.) I also hope you will be sure to comment on the posts and thank these incredible moms for their courage.

Note:This post will be at the top of the blog all day today to welcome people who stop in throughout the day. Just scroll down past it to read all the entries.

To get you started, I put together a little intro video for you about what I want you to know about today's rally:

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Surviving Postpartum Depression & Having Another Child

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Vanessa, Postpartum Support International co-coordinator for the state of Nevada, sent me this lovely letter she wrote on her daughter's 3rd birthday:

My little girl turns three today. While I was getting ready this morning, tears filled my eyes. They were tears of joy. The celebration of her birthday is much, much more to me. With her birth came the gifts of knowledge, love, understanding, bliss and so many more things.

You see, she is not my first child. She's my second.

Almost six years ago I had my first child. With his birth, I experienced panic, fear, anxiety, sorrow, depression and an almost attempt at suicide. I had postpartum depression. But I made it through. I survived. I never wanted to go through an experience like it again. No more children. He would be an only child.

Then when he was two, I found out I was pregnant. I cried and cried and cried. My husband was in shock. Neither one of us wanted to go through it all again. I had suffered, he had suffered, our marriage had suffered. We were finally in a good place.

However, this time I was prepared. I knew what to expect. I also began antidepressants before the delivery. It was the right decision; no one needed to relive that horrible nightmare.

And no one did. Having our second child was a dream. It was perfect in every way. I loved every moment of her newborn life. Instead of dreading nighttime feedings, I cherished them. I held her, loved her, sang to her — it was magical.

This is why I silently give thanks and celebrate in my own way each year for her birthday. I can have more children and be happy. It is possible.

Thank you for coming to our home little girl. Your birth brought me more joy than most will ever know or experience.

Vanessa Delorenzis

April 29, 2010

I know exactly what she means. Exactly.

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