You made it! (Or at least you’re almost there.) We knew you would. Way to go, Warrior Mom. You are part of a community of courageous women who have struggled and made it through. You now have the amazing opportunity to inspire and help others. Here’s how:

Join the Surviving & Thriving Mothers Photo Album

The Surviving & Thriving Mother’s Photo Album isthe only publicphoto album featuring pictures of women who have survived perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. This album combats the negative images of postpartum depression and psychosis shown in the media, and is a symbol of hope for recovery. I hear from moms who are suffering all the time who say that these photos inspire them to keep going. If you would like to be an inspiration too, please send me a jpeg photo of you with your children to In the email, please include your first name and last initial, the state in which you live (or province or country), which illness you suffered and what year you suffered it. I do not use last names in this album, nor do I tell people in which city you live to help protect identity.

Promote or Partipate in the Annual Mother’s Day Online Rally for Moms’ Mental Health

The Postpartum Progress Annual Mother’s Day Online Rally for Moms’ Mental Health was started in 2009. It is a 24-hour celebration of the importance of emotional health for new mothers. Each year on Mother’s Day I post one letter each hour for 24 hours straight, written by survivors of and expertson perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression, as well as by others who care about the mental health of moms. Many arenationally-recognized, award-winningfemale bloggers and parenting authors. I hear from many women who are inspired to get help after reading these letter. You can join in, and help promote this event each year.

Support Postpartum Progress, the Non-Profit

Postpartum Progress is now a non-profit organization, working to create additional services and support for women with postpartum depression and related illnesses. To donate, visit the FAQ page and scroll to the bottom.

Proudly Display Your Survivor Badge

On your website or blog you canlet people know you are a survivor (and give them some encouragement if they are suffering) bydisplaying a Warrior Mom Survivor Badge. Yes, we’ve gotBadge Bling! Just scroll down to find the perinatal mood or anxiety disorder you survived, and copy the code underneath that badge.