Should You Take Omega-3s for PPD? If So, How Much?

Want to know whether you should take omega-3s for PPD? How much? What kind? What about for antenatal depression?

Well, I’ve got answers for you. Hooray! A set of specific, physician-created guidelines on taking omega-3 fatty acids as part of treatment for postpartum depression! I know you’re going to want to check this out, from Dr. Marlene Freeman at the MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health.

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  1. Lori @ I Can Grow Pe says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was just thinking about this these week!!

  2. Lori @ I Can Grow Pe says:

    *about this earlier this week —is what I meant. Sorry, I was just so dang excited!

  3. Yes, you should take Omega 3's for PPD. For most people 1 gram a day will do it. For those dealing with bipolar or other complicated disorders, Dr. Driscoll and Jeanne Watson recommend 5-10 grams a day in their groundbreaking book," Women's Moods: What every women must know about hormones.." I personally take 10 grams a day with no side effects.


  1. […] #6 Supplements.From vitamins to minerals to herbs, there are a lot of things that might help you. It’s best to work with your doctor or naturopath to come up with what’s right for you. Things like Vitamin D or Magnesium deficiency can contribute to low energy and depression for example. St. John’s Wort has on occasion helped my anxiety. A friend of mine uses a tincture of herbs prescribed by her naturopath that has practically eliminated her chronic anxiety. Supplements are certainly worth a look. […]