One of the major successess of 2010 for Postpartum Progress was our new partnership with the wonderful organization Jenny's Light. They are the first-ever (and still only) sponsor of Postpartum Progress, helping us continue our work to support women with the most widely-read blog on PPD and related illnesses. We are UNENDINGLY GRATEFUL to them for their support, and for the work they do to help women. The following message to you, dear readers, is from Jenny's brother and the executive director of Jenny's Light, the wonderful Randy Gibbs.

Just three years ago, I lost my sister and my nephew to postpartum depression.

Jenny’s story, as many of you know, is so difficult to comprehend. It’s a tragedy beyond measure and one that we believe could have been prevented, if only we had known what she was going through.

Our loss is so great, but what helps to get our family through tough days is Jenny’s Light, the organization we founded shortly after Jenny’s and Graham’s death, and its mission to save other lives by raising awareness of perinatal mood disorders.

When we started Jenny’s Light three years ago, we never expected to reach as many women as we have with her story. I receive countless emails from women around the country who, like Jenny, were online at night searching for help and hope. Then they find Jenny’s story.

As I reflect on this past year, I am proud to say it was a very productive one for our organization. I had the opportunity to speak at a number of conferences and events, and have met so many inspiring individuals all working towards a shared goal. We joined forces with Postpartum Progress and we added several talented people to our board, including our president Elizabeth, a PPD survivor. And we continued to raise money for and distribute the grants to groups around the country so they can reach women and their families in their local communities.

But we’re days away from 2011 and I keep thinking about all the things we do to elevate this cause to the level where it can gain the visibility and funding required to truly make an impact. While it’s a bit early to share all the details, we’re going to introduce a new series of events that, we believe, will attract attention and get even more people engaged. Another goal, something I’m very passionate about, is to explore how we can create a retreat facility, a cabin or lake home, where survivors and their families can go to just be together. While that’s a long way off, it would mean so much to Jenny as she loved just being outdoors.

As we end another year without Jenny, our family is eager to celebrate the holidays with its newest member – 6-month-old Caitlin. Becky, Jenny’s twin, is a new mom and Catilin, as you can imagine, has brought to all of us new hope and joy. Becky looks forward to sharing her story and experiences as a new mom with all of you here on Katherine’s blog.

Katherine, thank you for letting us partner with you this year and for allowing us to introduce Jenny’s Light to your followers.

From all of us at Jenny’s Light, we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Thank you.

Randy Gibbs, Executive Director, Jenny's Light