postpartum depressionI’m beyond excited about Climb Out of the Darkness 2013, and it looks like many of you are too! So here’s a message from me, in addition to the beautiful words Deborah shared with you earlier:

1) I hope you’ll get out in the sunshine on June 21st (or 22nd or 23rd) and hike or climb, or even walk if that works best for you. You can go with family or friends by yourself — whatever works to help you recognize how hard you worked or are still working to climb out of the darkness of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, antenatal depression, post-adoption depression or weaning depression. I plan to take my children and hike up the trail on Sawnee Mountain here in Georgia. And please know, even if you’re not in the United States we hope you’ll join us!!

2) Let us know where in the world you plan to hike or walk or climb or mountain bike or stroll! We’re creating an  “official map” with sunshine pins on every location and trail where people plan to climb out of the darkness. Here’s our map, showing where Warrior Moms Deborah, Shanna and I will be. I can’t wait to add your location as well, so email me at or let me know on our Facebook page.

3) If you plan to participate, please be sure to join as a team member on our Crowdrise page here:

4) If it rains on the day you plan to climb or hike, that’s okay. You can do it on the next available sunny day and still send in your pics and participate.

5) BE SURE to take pictures and send them in!! I’m going to create a photo album including everyone who sends me pictures of their hike or climb. Jackson, Madden and I will be hamming it up for pics and I hope you do too.

6) If you need suggestions for places where you can walk, hike, climb or stroll, trust me that there’s one near you! Here are some resources:

National Park Service Trails


Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Find A Hike

Hiking in Canada

United Kingdom National Trails

7) Keep watch for other fun news about Climb Out of the Darkness. And if you have ideas to make it better that you’d like to share, let us know. We plan to make this an annual event.