I have been writing this blog for almost 7 years now. So long that it's easy for me to forget that many of you have just found it, or are just coming here for the first time. If you are here because you are pregnant or just had a baby in the last year and you think something is wrong, I'm so glad you found us. You might be scared out of your wits, or completely miserable and disappointed, or numb. It doesn't matter. We love you no matter how you feel or what you are thinking.

We've been there.

We know that many, many women get postpartum depression and related illnesses. Many more than people think.

We know that there are a wide variety of symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety. We don't all look the same.

We try to make it our business to give you the hope and inspiration you need to get through postpartum depression, and to connect you to PPD support groups and to the people who can help you get better. There are people who know how to help you.

Please know that when I use the term postpartum depression on this blog, I'm using it as shorthand. Most people don't know what perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are — that term includes all of the mental illnesses women can experience during pregnancy and in the first year postpartum — so I use the term sparingly. And I can't really write antenatal depression/postpartum depression/postpartum PTSD/postpartum OCD/postpartum anxiety/postpartum panic disorder/antenatal anxiety/postpartum psychosis/post-adoption depression every single time I write a story. So please know when I say postpartum depression, it usually means I'm referring to all of you regardless of exactly what you are going through. I'm not leaving anyone out. And if you want stories about your specific illnesses, we've written those and will be happy to help you find them.

post-adoption depression

postpartum psychosis

postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and childbirth trauma

postpartum OCD

antenatal depression (during pregnancy)

depression & anxiety after miscarriage or stillbirth