postpartum depression newsMore news from the front this week:

A new study was published on domestic violence as a risk factor for postpartum depression. And yes, I know many of you have never suffered domestic violence. It’s just one of the risk factors among many.

Another study was reported on the connection between teenagers’ emotional health problems and the depression of their mothers, in this case during the toddler years.

Polly Palumbo chimed in over at Psychology Today on placenta eating to prevent postpartum depression. She had one of my favorite headlines of the week: Placenta Stew with a Side of Pseudo-Science.

Finally, I’m proud of you ABC News and reporter Katie Moisse! Good job doing a very balanced and completely NON-hysterical story — we know you could have, but you didn’t — on Andrea Yates potentially being released from jail to attend local church services. It looks like some media outlets, ABC at least, are beginning to understand how serious postpartum psychosis is and that women who have it are truly ill.