Today I’m inviting you to join me in creating a new piece of inspiration and hope for moms with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, antenatal depression, post-adoption depression, post-miscarriage depression, etc: the Postpartum Depression Hope Pinterest Board.

Pinterest, if you don’t know, is one of the fastest growing social media outlets. It’s actually the third largest now, just after Facebook and Twitter, and has more than 11 million users. Pinterest is free to join, and once you have an account you can create virtual pinboards featuring things you like. Here’s my board on being Fierce, for instance.

I’ve created a special new board called Postpartum Depression Hope. There, any of you can pin photos, sayings or whatever else you’d like (including links to your favorite blog posts on postpartum depression or other illnesses, as long as there’s a great image attached) to offer inspiration and hope. It’s another great way for us all to create awareness of the most common complication of childbirth and provide hope for pregnant and new moms who are struggling. I hope to see MANY of you pinning!!

I’ve added the first few pins and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you put up there as well. In order to be able to add pins of your own, I have to add you to the board first. Then you’ll get an email from Pinterest saying you’ve been invited to the board, and you have to accept that invite before you can start pinning.

I’ve already invited several of you to start pinning, but would like to add many more survivors who have wisdom and hope to share to help others get through postpartum depression. If you’d like me to add you, just shoot me an email at postpartumprogress [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know what your Pinterest name is. I’m listed as Katherine Stone.