Lisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson

I just spent five days in Chicago at the BlogHer conference, seeing fellow Warrior Moms like Cristi Comes, Jen Gaskell, A’Driane Nieves, Alexandra Rosas, Morgan Shanahan and many more. I also talked the ear off of many a woman about postpartum depression, as you might imagine I would.

And then I come home to find another tragedy has occurred. Another mother and two children lost to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, this time in Winnipeg, Canada. I’m so terribly sorry (and ANGRY) for the loss of Lisa Gibson and her children Nicholas and Anna. It’s unacceptable.

You can learn what happened here (just please know it is upsetting, so if you’re not in a place to handle that don’t read it), and you can learn about Nicole Gamble, a mom and nurse in the Winnipeg area trying to do more to support those with PPD and related illnesses here.

This is why we can never quit. Not ever.

Update 7/30/13:

According to CTV News, “[Gibson was] on medication for postpartum depression now, but with her first child she had it so severe she was hospitalized. Kennedy said resources were hard to come by.” This … THIS! If Gibson had been hospitalized the first time with either postpartum psychosis or postpartum depression with psychotic features or severe PPD, that’s someone everyone around her should have known and made sure she was protected and cared for and treated and helped during her the first year of her second baby.

She probably knew she was going downhill and felt there was nothing to save her or her children. This breaks my heart.