Holy cow, y'all. I can't believe how many women have already signed up for Postpartum Progress' Daily Hope this morning. I am SO excited, happy, pleased, etcetera to see that you are interested in this. Please share the news with others. I want women to have access to encouragement and love and hope no matter where they are or what kind of health insurance they have or what kind of other support they have around them. Much love. And thanks to all the professionals, authors and survivors who have already offered up their own support and words of wisdom to send to suffering mothers each day. You are the best.

– Katherine

About Katherine Stone

is the founder of Postpartum Progress. She has been named a WebMD Health Hero, one of the fiercest women in America by More magazine, and one of the top 20 Social Media Moms by Working Mother magazine. She is a survivor of postpartum OCD.

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  1. Hey Katherine,
    Is there any way that you could make a badge or something? That way some of us who blog can post them on our blogs to draw more attention. I think this is a fantastic idea. Like really fantastic. I used to write little positive notes everyday and post them on my fridge. That way I got that little extra boost I needed to keep going. But having those words delivered right to me? Awesome. Really awesome.

  2. Katherine Stone/Post says:

    Great idea. On it.