The following is a 5-minute film about my experience with postpartum OCD, featuring interviews with both myself and my husband, and my experience having a second child after recovering. (One thing — it says I didn’t feel better until 2 years postpartum, but it was actually 1 year.)

Many of you asking me whether you should have a baby after having postpartum depression.  There’s no right answer.  But I want you to see what happened in my case, as an example of a happy ending.

Hope you like it. I’m so pleased to have worked with the amazing team at ShareWIK again on this video. They do such an amazing job of putting together stories about health, and I’m honored to work with them. ALSO, so very proud of my husband!!

(Note: If the screen is too small, you can hope over to ShareWIK & watch it there to see the full screen.)