Good Karma Times Three

I’m very proud that Postpartum Progress is featured or mentioned in three great places this week — all while I was at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, so happy surprise for me! — and I wanted to share them with you. Because, hey, sending traffic to your supporters is good karma, right?

BlogHer’s Cultures section highlighted Addye’s recent story on being black with postpartum depression.

Casey Mullins on Babble’s Baby’s First Year blog wrote a great piece on the dark thoughts women with severe postpartum depression and anxiety/OCD have, with input from many of you, and she cited Postpartum Progress as the place to go for support.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women’s Mental Health covered my visit to Boston, which was such a nice thing to do.  Seeing my name mentioned on the same page as Harvard is always a good thing.

Please stop by these places and say hello! Anytime sites like these cover postpartum depression and feature Postpartum Progress as a resource, it means more people will learn about and get access to the information and support we offer. Thanks for the help y’all!

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is the creator of this blog, and the founder and executive director of Postpartum Progress. She has been named a WebMD Health Hero, one of the fiercest women in America by More magazine, and one of the 15 most influential patient advocates to follow. She is a survivor of postpartum OCD.

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