Many of you have complained to me in person about not getting your subscriptions to Postpartum Progress in your email anymore. This is GOOD!, because that means you really like knowing what’s going on here. This is also BAD!, because then you miss out on all the good stuff. Part of the problem is that the system we were using — Feedburner — is no longer supported by Google. We had thousands of subscribers and then they all disappeared for some zany reason. Bad Google!

SO, we’re migrating to a brand-spanking new system that we will have to pay for but that we also hope will work a lot better. PLEASE send an email to me at if you’d like to be a Postpartum Progress subscriber. This means you’d receive new updates to PP in your inbox, plus some fun stuff from me as well occasionally that won’t be on the blog. ::rubs hands together::

Hope you’ll join!! It’s free and harmless, and a great way to be an in touch Warrior! Send me an email!!

~ Katherine