So CNN came to my house a while back. They wanted to do a segment on postpartum depression. Afterwards I didn’t hear anything, so I just moved on. Then last night Amber Koter-Puline of Beyond Postpartum sent me a link to this:

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I have to say I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled they took so much time and care with it, and didn’t try to sensationalize the topic of postpartum depression as the media so often does.

Many thanks to Joyce Joseph at CNN for putting this together. I hope lots of you watch it and click the thumbs up over on YouTube. I want the media to know how important it is to tell positive stories about postpartum depression. Stories that show that it’s common. That all kinds of moms get PPD. That we get better with treatment.

I also hope you’ll take the time to share it with women who may need help or organizations that might find it useful. This is SO important. I’m hoping moms see it so they’ll know they can get help, and so they’ll know Postpartum Progress exists as a resource for them, and in turn get linked to all of the other resources out there.