Warrior Mom Conference 2017: Tickets On Sale Now!

Love. Support. Sisterhood. All in one place.

Join us this year in Denver to learn, connect, heal and develop relationships that will last well past our journeys through a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder like PPD.

Tickets are on sale NOW for the Warrior Mom® Conference 2017, the only conference on maternal mental illnesses created by and for moms with lived experience. Register here. This event sells out every year.

Why gather with us at #WarriorMomCon?

To learn. Experienced advocates, mental health experts, and community leaders will educate, empower, and engage mothers who have experienced a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (PMAD) so that they may better advocate for themselves and other moms.

To play. We’re hosting this year’s conference at the Grand Hyatt Denver, with sweeping views of over 10,600 miles of gorgeous, snow-capped mountains, a heated indoor pool, rooftop track, (and a Starbucks!) all just two blocks away from 16th Street, one of Denver’s most popular shopping districts.

To connect. There’s power in the words, “Me, too.” Take a look at the video made by attendees of last year’s conference.

Whether you seek knowledge about maternal mental health, connection to peers who understand what it’s like to wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again, or you want to use your experience to help others, we hope you’ll join us this year for the 2017 Warrior Mom® Conference.

Get Ready For The 2017 Warrior Mom® Conference!

In 2016, over 170 women with lived experience came together in Atlanta, Georgia to learn, connect, heal, and share all the ways they are reaching back to help pull their sisters up. There is such power in the words, “me too,” and in developing relationships that last well past our journeys through a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder like PPD.

Whether you seek knowledge about maternal mental health, connection to peers who understand what it’s like to wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again, or you want to use your experience to help others, we hope you’ll join us this year for the 2017 Warrior Mom® Conference. Learn more about the event here.

Registration opens soon.

Photo Credit: Amy Dingler Photography

Warrior Mom Strong with Cotton Babies

Image: Cotton BabiesOnly a few weeks ago, almost 200 Warrior Moms recently joined together in Atlanta for the 2nd Annual Warrior Mom® Conference, showing the world they are #warriormomstrong, thanks to the support of companies like Cotton Babies.

Inspired by our courageous community, Cotton Babies not only debuted a new video (which has already reached over 82,500 people with its message of hope), but they also brought along samples of their brand new line of clothes and gifts, STRONG. Cotton Babies is a great friend to us here at Postpartum Progress. They support our mission and our work, and they were one of the very first to sponsor the Warrior Mom Conference®.

I had the honor and pleasure of attending the conference this year and last year. I’ve seen what #WarriorMomStrong is. It’s women buying tickets for something that is almost a year away in the hope that they will learn more, create stronger connections, and be better able to help other mamas in their communities.

It is moms with anxiety reaching through the fear and out to each other. It is pictures taken on airplanes by women who are shaking, but resolved. It is pictures taken in cars packed with moms making this journey together.

image: Amy DinglerThis is the strength that comes from finally seeing in person a sister you made online. It is strength born of tears on shoulders and the tightest of hugs.

#WarriorMomStrong is also some women realizing that they were not ready to be with us, for many different reasons. It is women giving up their tickets and wishing us well from afar. We felt you.

Strength like this is generous. It is the generosity of time – of volunteers and of attendees who constantly ask, “How can I help you? What do you need?”

Strength like this is brave. It is speaking your truth to a room of almost 200 women.

It is kind. It is offering a shoulder, or a hug, or a handkerchief.

It is bold. It is telling the stranger in the elevator what conference you are in the hotel for, and doing it with your head held high.

It creates a sisterhood. It is groups of warrior moms spreading all over Atlanta to get tattoos and others going just to hold their hands.

credit: Miranda WickerI am still amazed at the strength of warrior moms. For some this was the very first time they had ever left their children, or been on an airplane, or met the people they were roommates with, or ridden public transportation, or been to any type of conference at all. Being surrounded by these women for a few days in October has given me the strength to come home and fight on. It has fueled my fire.

At Postpartum Progress, we are proud to be #WarriorMomStrong and grateful to Cotton Babies for seeing our courage and supporting our work to help all moms feel like the good moms they are. Tell us what makes you or someone you love #WarriorMomStrong, and don’t forget to check out the STRONG gift series from Cotton Babies.


Image Credit – Cotton Babies

Image Credit – Amy Dingler Photography

Image Credit – Miranda Wicker

Welcome Sage Therapeutics, Sponsor of the 2016 Warrior Mom® Conference

Sage SponsorIt is with gratitude and excitement that we can announce that Sage Therapeutics has joined the ranks of Warrior Mom® Conference sponsors. We are thrilled they’ll be supporting our community in October for this second annual meeting of perinatal mood and anxiety patients and survivors, and are grateful for the time they are taking to get to know our incredible community.

“Sage Therapeutics? Haven’t I heard that name before?,” you might be asking yourself. Sage made news this past summer with a promising clinical trial of a new medication for severe postpartum depression. We shared this story from Forbes back in July about SAGE-547 and SAGE-217, and the Postpartum Progress staff spoke with Sage shortly after to understand more about what these results might mean for the PPD patient community. Since we first spoke with Sage, they’ve been granted “Breakthrough Therapy Designation” from the FDA, meaning that their medication trials have shown such promise that they’ve been “fast-tracked” in a sense, though they will still be accountable to all FDA approval standards.

When we spoke with Sage, we had a litany of questions. How does this new drug to treat postpartum depression work, and how is it different from the ones that currently exist? What does the treatment look like for PPD patients long-term? What are the side effects? It is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers? How can we be sure that Sage will have the best interests of the patients in mind throughout future clinical trials and possible marketing? Will this treatment be available for underserved women? We asked so many questions we realized we really needed to have a conversation in person. And so, we’re excited to share that Sage Therapeutics representatives Ryan Arnold, M.D. and Helen Colquhoun, M.D. have also agreed to come chat with us in person at the 2016 Warrior Mom® Conference.

Sage is committed to answering our questions and learning how they can help empower each of us to continue educating other moms, the public, and working to dispel mental health stigma. We’re looking forward to introducing them to our community and learning more about Sage’s research.


Registration for this conference has SOLD OUT. To sign up for the waiting list, head over to our Warrior Mom® Conference information page.