Postpartum PTSD Getting New Attention

More and more researchers and clinicians are starting to pay attention to postpartum PTSD, or postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder. Some studies have found that one in every three women experiences some level of post-traumatic stress after having a baby, and that postpartum PTSD often arises as the result of a mother experiencing some type of trauma in childbirth. Symptoms include nightmares and flashbacks.

If you think you may have postpartum PTSD symptoms, here are some resources you may find helpful:

Postpartum PTSD & the Concept of Mental Defeat

Mom Recounts How Her Childbirth Trauma Led to Postpartum PTSD

Two Online Communities for Birth Trauma

Postpartum PTSD Risk Factors and Symptoms

Postpartum PTSD: Still Fighting To Heal From Her Traumatic Delivery

As with any other perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, please know you are not alone. Postpartum PTSD is temporary and treatable with professional help.

Solace for Mothers Offers Two Online Communities for Birth Trauma

Jodi from PTSD After Childbirth has informed me that a new online community group has been started for the people around women who have experienced birth trauma. It is offered by Solace for Mothers and can be found at They describe it as a safe landing space for family, friends and professionals to discuss their own experiences following unexpected birth outcomes. This is a public forum. Solace for Mothers also offers a private forum for mothers who have had challenging childbirths.

Click here for more information on childbirth trauma and postpartum PTSD.

Moms All Over the Blogosphere Write About Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Here’s a roundup of what’s going on out there in the world of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders this week …

Cate at 18 Years and Counting is suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety and needs a Warrior Moms Virtual Hug. Here’s a post she just wrote about her obsessions and fears.

Jodi Kluchar has just created the PTSD After Childbirth blog. I’m am sure that those of you with postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder will want to follow along for information and comfort. The blog offers info on conferences, birth stories, research and more.

Miranda has just created a blog called Postpartum Help to share her experiences with postpartum depression and try and help others. Give her a shout out!

Laura at Depressed (but not unhappy) Mormon Mommy has written about the helpful things people said to her when going through postpartum depression, and what she would say to others.

Lisa at the Lis & D blog writes about the recent loss of a friend of hers to postpartum psychosis. (This breaks my heart.) She also shares her own experience with postpartum depression.

Diane at The Mommy Diaries writes about postpartum depression vs. stress.

Article on Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Here is a story featuring Postpartum Support International Ohio co-coordinator Jodi Kluchar discussing her experience with postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder.