Andrea Yates released from jail on bail – Crime & Punishment –

Andrea is finally getting to go where she should have been all along, at least for a while anyway. Link: Andrea Yates released from jail on bail – Crime & Punishment –

Yates Conviction Overturned

Andrea Yates will be getting a new trial thank goodness. Hopefully someone will see how ill this poor woman was and make sure that in the next trial there is no death sentence. Check out the story here: Link: – U.S. & World – Andrea Yates’ Conviction Overturned.

More Sadness

I’m having an anxiety attack over this story: – Mom?allegedly cut off baby’s arms – Nov 23, 2004.

This woman has a history of PPD and has had psychotic episodes. There must be more we can do to protect women like her, and their children, from harm. It’s heartbreaking.

Prison vs. Hospital

In the August 9, 2004 issue of People, there is a story about Andrea Yates called "Her Private Hell". She has recently lost 30 pounds by refusing to eat, reportedly because she was upset about the forthcoming three-year anniversary of the death of her children by her own hand. What I want to know is this: why on earth has this woman been incarcerated in an East Texas prison cell, rather than being placed permanently in a psychiatric institution? The depths of her mental illness are obvious to any of us who have gone through this, and I just can’t understand why she isn’t put in a place where she can receive proper care. I realize it’s a touchy issue — there are clearly many people who use the insanity defense against a crime they knowingly and purposefully committed, and so many in the public are leery of believing anyone who commits a heinous crime and then claims they were mentally ill. I’m not arguing for her release – I understand society’s need to punish such an awful occurrence as the drowning of one’s children. But I think she should be placed permanently in the state hospital in Galveston, where she is currently being treated.