Rise Up With Postpartum Progress

I have no words that can make this any better or more beautiful than it already is. Just watch this incredible PSA for maternal mental health and Postpartum Progress.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you to the immensely talented Jill Krause of Baby Rabies. Thank you thank you thank you to Cotton Babies for being a brand that truly cares about maternal mental health. Thank you to BMG Gold and the writers of “Rise Up” Jennifer Decilveo and Cassandra Monique Batie, and performer Andra Day. We are so grateful.

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Having Another Baby, Meds During Pregnancy, & How to Be Selfish

During week’s Facebook Live chat with Katherine, we talked about everything from the decision to have another baby to medication during pregnancy to what a mom should do to find care if she doesn’t have insurance.

Watch for yourself.

Here are all of the links we shared during the broadcast:

We started off on the topic of having another baby as that’s where we got cut off last week when our hour ran out. We acknowledge that not all moms who have experienced PPD need or have to have other children. Those moms’ voices and experiences are valid and we encourage the sharing of those stories because there are other moms who don’t want more children and need to feel less alone. Katherine shared her story of having another child while others shared their experiences in the comments.

The discussion morphed into the topic of taking medication while pregnant, which a few in the chat didn’t even know was a possibility. It IS. If your doctor tells you no, get another opinion. There are safe medications and safe ways to take medication during pregnancy, but you do need to speak with doctors who know what they’re doing. Additionally, you can do other things, like attend therapy, while pregnant to either help medication or to avoid it.

At one point we were discussing advocating for yourself and the care that you need. Katherine said to “be selfish.”

Be Selfish -postpartumprogress.com

What we mean by that is that it’s not selfish to ask for help, to seek help, to take some time out of every single day for you. It’s necessary. It just feels selfish because for too long we’ve been taught we need to be good, quiet, not create a ruckus. Nope. Be selfish. Do what you need for you to get better. You deserve to feel better, to be better.

We talked about Climb Out of the Darkness for a little bit. It’s the largest event in the world promoting awareness about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. There’s still time to register OR form your own team. Find a team today! We also discussed that nervous/anxious feeling some (many!) get about attending their first (or fifth) Climb. It’s normal. It’s okay. Just show up and be you. The connection you’ll feel with other Warrior Moms is amazing!

We then opened it up to questions. We received a personal message question about what to do if you don’t have insurance. Katherine listed off a number of things you can do, including asking the doctor if they have a sliding scale, while others listed a bunch of other resources in the comments. Warrior Moms looking out for Warrior Moms.

We’ll be back Live on Facebook next Wednesday at noon. If you have questions, please let us know!

Postpartum Depression on iVillage: How They Got Help & Why You Should Too

This has been a very exciting few days for spreading the word about postpartum depression.  We saw Heidi Koss on NPR, my online interview with More magazine came out last Friday, and … today iVillage is featuring an iVoice video that includes me and two other Warrior Moms: the lovely Joey Fortman and Stephanie Stearns Dulli, who are both regular iVoices and have been participants in Postpartum Progress’ Mother’s Day Rally on Moms’ Mental Health.  I’m so happy to join them to reach the massive iVillage audience and share our stories of postpartum depression and hopefully make other new moms feel less alone.  Thanks to Kelly Wallace for supporting this!

Go watch the iVoices iVillage video on postpartum depression — or watch it here below — and let me know what you think, ladies!! (give it a second to load, and then there’ll be a short add before it starts, FYI)  Please give your support to Stephanie and Joey, both of whom are still SO CLOSE to this illness and did such an amazing job — we all know how long it gets to get over this and how hard it can be to talk about it.

Welcome to the Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to the 3rd Annual Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health at Postpartum Progress!! Here's a little explaining what's going on here today:

You will see this message at the top of the blog all day today, just so that new visitors are aware of what we are doing. If you're looking for the letters, just scroll down and you'll find them, 24 in all! So glad you are here! I hope you find support, inspiration, encouragement and love in these words.

Oh, and if you'd like to support our work, PLEASE make a donation to our nonprofit. We need your help so we can do so much more! Donations can be made here: http://postpartumprogress.org/donate-postpartum-depression-2/

— Katherine