I am now going to take a moment to thank EACH and EVERY person (that I'm aware of, anyway) who spoke up on behalf of women with postpartum depression and spoke out against the AOL News story today, either on Twitter (by retweeting "Hey @aolnews You suck. And we're not letting you off the hook. Fix this NOW. #AOLhurtsmomswithPPD"), Facebook, or on their blogs, or at the very minimum shared the stories on Postpartum Progress, Her Bad Mother, BlogHer, PhDinParenting and elsewherewith others.

You are all a true treasure. It warms my heart to see so many who care about the emotional health of mothers and are willing to use your voices against the stigma that still exists. It's because of you that AOL took the horrible quote off of its website — a quote that NEVER should have been published in the first place. Thank you.

For anyone who thought I was somehow misreading or misunderstanding the meaning behind Pat Brown's quote, here is her response to Amy at Pretty Babies about the uproar:

"Generally speaking, I don't buy the chemical imbalance theory for any depression; I believe people just don't want to deal with real life issues and the fact that sometimes life is simply depressing and damn difficult. It isn't about chemical imbalance but tough times and our own issues.

Pat Brown
Investigative Criminal Profiler"

AOL should have offered a different opinion, or done some fact checking and perhaps never quoted Pat Brown at all. Postpartum depression is not always caused solely by chemical imbalance, to be sure. There are other risk factors that are social in nature, like domestic abuse for instance. But it's not because moms "don't want to deal with real life issues". Stuff it, Pat. And AOL, please take more care in publishing stories on this topic.

Also, may I say that this is why blogging and being on Twitter and Facebook is important. Because regular people like us have the power to make change. So awesome.

Also aBIG thank you to BlogHer for giving me such a wonderful additional outlet for this story, as they have so much wider reach than PP does. And aspecial thank you to Catherine and Annie, who also have much wider audiences than I, for helping make this viral.

Also a BIG thank you to all the commenters on my post and all the people on the Postpartum Progress Facebook Fan Page who spoke out against this as well.

Also, if you want to see a news organization handle this story with responsibility, stop in on Time magazine's interview with Diane Sanford. (Perhaps our influence on them last year made a difference!)

Also,Mom 101commented on my blog today. Just had to point that out. 😉


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