I'mvery delighted to share that Postpartum Progress is one of the 5 finalists for the inaugural Bloganthropy Award. I can't believe the company I'm among as a finalist (see below)!

The Bloganthropy Awards recognize bloggers who have "made a difference by using social media effectively to promote a good cause." I'm so glad the organizers of this award recognize that educating mothers about postpartum depression and connecting them to the best resources is a good cause!

Bloganthropy.org, a non-profit organization that "combines the power of social media with the resources of corporate giving, Child's Play Communications, an NYC PR firm that connects corporate sponsors with moms, andcorporate sponsor Give Health, one of Procter & Gamble's social sustainability programs, have come together to create and sponsor this award.

This is alovely way to celebrate 6 years of philanthropic work and a great future ahead! My fabulous 4 fellow finalists (alliteration!) are as follows:

Kristine McCormick, whoblogs about the death of her 6-day-old daughter from an undetected congential heart defect (CHD) and advocates for universal CHD screening at Cora's Story.

Maggie, who created Violence Unsilenced, a supportive forum for the voices of survivors of domestic violence that was a finalist in the 2010 Bloggies Awards for best community blog.

Debbie Dubrow, Michelle Duffy, Pam Mandel and Beth Whitman, who host an online fundraiser each December called Passports With Purpose that raises money for such charities as Heifer International.

Megan Jordan, a Gulf Coast resident who formed a partnership with Tide to help provide laundry services to Gulf Coast residents in need after Hurricane Katrina, and who is nowadvocating via her blog Velveteen Mindfor communities devastated by the oil spill.

The winner of the first annual Bloganthropy Award will be announced in New York City on August 5th at an event for mom bloggers called Dinner's On Us.

So now to the most important question: What should I wear?!