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Editorial TeamPostpartum Progress Inc., nonprofit and publisher of

Postpartum Progress Writers – The Warrior Mom Leadership Team

Jenni Chiu  MommyNaniBooBoo

Cristi Comes  Motherhood Unadorned

Esther Dale  Through The Tunnel

Jen Gaskell   Tranquila Mama

Christina Gleason    Well In This House

Lauren Hale  My Postpartum Voice

Jaime Harker    James And Jax 

Kate Kripke, LCSW

Lindsay Maloan With A Little Love and Luck

Jennifer Marshall Bipolar Mom Life

Susan Petcher   Learned Happiness

Alexandra Rosas   Good Day Regular People

Diana Stone   Diana Wrote

Anne Marie Tonyan Lindsay  Do Not Faint

Miranda Wicker   Finding Walden


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  4. I can’t believe what I am reading! I am sitting in my office with tears rolling down my face.

    Twenty-six amazing years ago my second child was born, a healthy beautiful boy named Ricky. I should have been the happiest person in the world. I had never, ever suffered from depression or anxiety. Out of nowhere I started feeling anxiety and depression to the point where I thought I was going to die. The sadness I felt was a never ending well… But why??? Surrounded by amazing family and friends, I confided in NO ONE for fear that I was going crazy! It is hard to believe that in 1987 my gyn doc told me to exercise, to read – never a single word about postpartum depression/anxiety. I, like so many contributors, thought for sure I would be “put away” – what had happened to me?

    Through sheer strength of will – through research and exploring on my own, I found a doctor who understood exactly what was happening. After SEVEN LONG MONTHS of suffering I went on medication – still not believing it could be something as “benign” as giving birth that could change me/change my life, in this manner.

    What I would have given for a support system, a place to turn like this amazing site, Postpartum Progress. It is so incredibly important. I will be honest, I have served on many boards, co-chaired and chaired many important events for many non-profits, however Postpartum Progress could be the most important – it can and it will save lives.

    I have three wonderful children (29, 26 and 18) who are my pride and joy and truly my best friends. Making it through my bout of postpartum makes me feel like the poster child of what it means to thrive through adversity but why in this day and age would anyone ever have to suffer? How incredibly lucky are the women of today to have this very important resource to turn to. Kudos to you!