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Top Ten Writers on Postpartum Depression in 2009

Announcing the 2009 top 10 writers on postpartum depression and anxiety. (Okay, there are actually 12 because I just couldn’t squeeze it into ten.) There were MANY amazing pieces written this year by very courageous women and men, and I’d love to list them all here. But I’ve chosen a representative 10 (or so).

I chose these brave moms based on beautiful writing, compelling stories, creative metaphors, and/or the way they described various aspects of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  Congratulations to all of you!!

1.Suburban Turmoil: “My Deepest, Darkest Secret, Postpartum Edition

2.Laughing Through the Chaos: “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow This House Down

3. Sophie in the Moonlight: “Eleanor Rigby’s Jar

4. Psych Central: “Postpartum Depression, Real But Still Stigmatized

5. Moosh in Indy: “On Being Your Mom with Depression

6. Alphamom’s Bounce Back with Amalah: “The Many Faces of Postpartum Depression

7. Sharing the Journey’s Reflections on San Antonio and Thoughts on Exploring a Pregnant Pause

8. Her Bad Mother: “Shame & the Mom: A Boob Story”

9. Surprisingly Sane: “One Year Ago”

10. His Boys Can Swim: “Psychiatrist Appointment For Postpartum Depression = A Wasted Day

11. The Worsted Witch: “Hello Again”

12. Confessions of a First Time Mom: “Postpartum Depression. Speak Up.”

What were your favorites this year? And them to the comments section, with links!

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Top 10 Stories on Postpartum Depression in 2009

While everyone is off having hot cocoa and unwrapping presents and unstuffing stockings and eating candy canes and lighting candles and blowing horns and drinking champagne, I thought I’d share the top ten posts from Postpartum Progress in 2009. These were selected based on the number of comments received, trackbacks (links to other blogs), retweets from Twitter and requests for reprinting that I received. Here you go everybody:

Top Ten Stories on Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety & Postpartum Psychosis in 2009

1. The Symptoms of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety (In Plain Mama English)

2. From Boob to Bottle: Postpartum Depression & the Unnecessary Shame of Quitting Breastfeeding

3. What Is the Difference Between Grief & Depression After Pregnancy Loss?

4. Six Things That Can Affect How Quickly You’ll Recover from Postpartum Depression

5. An Open Letter to Time Magazine About Postpartum Depression

6. How to Decide Whether to Take Meds for Depression or Anxiety During Pregnancy

7. No Judgment Allowed When It Comes to PPD Treatment: What Saves One Woman May Not Save Another

8. All of the posts written by participants of The Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health

9. Six Things to Avoid if You Have Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

10. ABC Television Should Be Ashamed of “Private Practice” Postpartum Psychosis Treatment

What was your favorite story this year?

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Postpartum Depression: Letting Go of Being Supermom & Surviving With Stevie Wonder

Thank God for the internet and blogging. Else how would we get to read all of these great stories and share in other women's triumphs over perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression. Here are some amazing women.

Sophie in the Moonlight on the holidays, postpartum depression, and NOT being Suuuuupermom:

If the postpartum depression had won and my spectacular suicide attempt had been successful, I would not be here making magnets out of 29-cent wood cutouts, cheap acrylic paint, and sparkly beads with my boys. The kitchen counter has been covered with craft projects for two weeks. I never even remove the brown paper bags I opened up and taped down to save my counter. We simply sweep off the mess of the day and leave stuff ready for the next day. If the PPD had won, I would have missed out on the gazillion foamy sticker cards we've made. Foamy sticker ROCK!! OMG, the boys never get tired of them.

Medicated In Minnesota on the anniversary of her hospitalization and her daughter's second birthday:

I feel that my [postpartum depression] experience was almost two years ago and seriously, I should just get over it. But then I think, "why?" Why should I just get over it? It was a fully traumatic experience being hospitalized and away from my child. It was a traumatic experience to fear being a mother even though it was reality for me.

The Adventures of Anxiety Girl on how Stevie Wonder helped her through postpartum anxiety:

Dancing with Stevie became a family affair & helped get me out of my head & into my body. Many mornings, I'd set the alarm clock to wake us up to this music. At 7 o'clock the horns would begin, and even if I woke up feeling off, my legs would start twitching to move and I would get myself up to dance. Slowly the other sleepy heads who had made their way into our bed in the wee hours would begin dancing, too, and it was a party. My 6 yr. old always wanted to hear "Signed Sealed Delivered" & we would shout out the lyrics as we swung around the room.

I feel the exact same way about Stevie Wonder.

My Christmas Gift to Warrior Moms: Survivor Bling!

So here's my little teensy gift to you for Christmas – some blog bling. I just love bling, don't you? It's nothing big, but I think they're fun.

With the help of Ink Studio, I've created Warrior Mom badges that you can post on your own blog or website (you can find them to the left of your screen if you scroll down). If you're a survivor of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, I hope you'll "wear" one of them with pride! There are different ones for each illness.

Be an inspiration in this coming year. Let women know that YOU made it and they can too! You can slapone (or more) of theseinto your sidebar, and then anyone who chooses to click on them will be directed to Postpartum Progress, where I hope theywill find information and encouragement. Use the code underneath each one to get the badge.

And let me know if you display a badge on your site so I can keep a list of Warrior Moms with badges.