15 Things To Get You Through The Day With PPD

Yesterday we featured a post from a mom who got through postpartum depression partially by crocheting. Both here and on our Facebook page we asked you what hobbies you have or things you do that you find help you make it through each day with PPD. A nurse who follows me on Twitter called such things “meaningful occupation” — things you enjoy that keep you occupied and help you through times of stress.

I’m happy to report that several of you responded. We’re listing the responses here so that perhaps it might help those moms with PPD who are looking for some small hobby that could make them feel better, even for a little while.

  1. Deanna says she started volunteering at a local library.
  2. Sarah says she quilted.
  3. Kate spent a lot of time perusing Etsy.
  4. Jen joined a book club. (FYI, we have a book club run by Amber of Beyond Postpartum if you’re interested.)
  5. Melissa walked her dog.
  6. Cristi made jewelry.
  7. Lori blogged.
  8. Kelly did zumba (a fitness class) and baking.
  9. Anne started running.
  10. Sabine rode her bike and made up songs to sing while she was riding to help distract from the intrusive thoughts.
  11. Amber’s church has a knitting and crocheting group that makes things for others in need.
  12. Chelsea scrapbooked.
  13. Megan played rummy.
  14. I know I get a lot of peace from my cat. (Who just disappeared for four days, by the way, but showed up again yesterday thank goodness.) Just having him in my slap sleeping and purring gives me comfort.
  15. I find candles comforting, so whenever I’m stressed I light one.
I hope this list of ideas spurs you on to do something small for yourself as you work your way through PPD. And we welcome continued comments on other ideas you may have as well.


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is the founder of Postpartum Progress. She has been named a WebMD Health Hero, one of the fiercest women in America by More magazine, and one of the top 20 Social Media Moms by Working Mother magazine. She is a survivor of postpartum OCD.

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  1. I make it through by making my bed. I used to get right back in, if I could even make it out. Now making my bed is a victory.

  2. Hi! I am new to your website and I love it. I am currently pregnant and dealing with with anxiety and depression, do you have any suggestions for moms to be to help either prepare or possibly preempt PPD/PPA? Otherwise, I find everything on here very useful!

  3. I scrapbooked the crap out of anything that wasn’t tied down.

  4. Bubble bath w/ an audio book on my ipod helped me… I would get so into the story that my mind really couldn’t wander, and since it was an audio book, I could just lay back and listen. It took awhile, but I can finally sit down (and stay still) long enough to get lost in a book for a few minutes.

    I also have three scheduled days a week where I meet my sister-in-law for a walk after our little ones go to sleep (my nephew is a few months older than my son). I look forward to it every week. Plus, it gives my husband some alone time to play video games (with the baby monitor by his side), while I grab some exercise and girl time (we can chat about anything and everything, including how HARD it is to be a mom, and how it totally isn’t what we expected, but how it’s still awesome… or in my case, how I’m finally starting to appreciate its awesomeness)!

    I’m 9 months postpartum, and it’s been the longest and shortest 9 months of my life! I can honestly say that I’m FINALLY starting to see the light. Some days it’s brighter than others, but it’s still there!! Now, I just hope that the memories that I lost over the last 9 months come back to me… I feel like I’ve missed out on my son’s infancy because I simply cannot remember it.