negative thoughtsI came upon a story today on entitled “10 Ways Your Mind Is Smacking You Around.” It’s a great piece about the ways in which our brain can take us off balance, lead us astray, and really make a mess of things.

Here’s just one great one example:

10. Tripping your guilt wire every time something goes wrong

Things go wrong, that’s just the way it is, but for some reason our brains want to make someone culpable for everything that goes awry. A lot of time, that’s you—or so it would seem if you listen to your brain. This particular brain foible is all about assigning “agency”—finding a cause for every effect. And if you’re involved in whatever went wrong, your brain is liable to slap the agent label on your forehead.

What to do: Remind yourself, sometimes things happen without an evident cause (or causer), and unless you truly are to blame, give yourself a break.

To read the whole story and find out the other nine ways your brain is smacking you around, visit this link at  Then try to take advantage of some of the story’s suggestions for fighting back against the bully.

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